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Being charged for a criminal offense can cause you to lose your freedom, tarnish your name and your life will be generally destroyed. For this reason, there is a need to get as much help as possible so you can win your case and get a better sentence. Though a person is allowed to go to court without an attorney hiring a qualified Cicero criminal defense lawyer will go a long way in helping you out with the legal issues you are facing. 

 We have gained experience working with different clients. As the criminal defense lawyers of choice, we prepare a strong legal defense in order to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your case. 

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Some people plead guilty to petty crimes just so they can put an end to it quickly, pay the fines, and move on. However, petty crimes you plead guilty to end up tarnishing your clean record. Before you plead for any offense involve a criminal defense attorney who can help you find the best solution. You can give our criminal defense firm a call and let us present you with defense options for your legal matter.

Types and classes of criminal offenses

There are two types of criminal offenses. They include felonies and misdemeanors. 

Both of these offenses can lead to jail terms and hefty fines. 

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Misdemeanors are crimes whose punishment does not exceed a one-year jail term. As a result of these crimes, huge fines and probation are likely to follow. Getting convicted of a misdemeanor can lead to you ruining your clean slate record. As a result, it can limit your opportunities later on in life. To avoid a criminal record it is important to involve a criminal defense lawyer in your case.

Misdemeanors in Illinois

Misdemeanor crime charges have three classes in Illinois.

Class A misdemeanors: This is the most serious of the three. You may be required to spend a maximum of one year if convicted for a class A misdemeanor. You can also incur fines of up to $2,500. Examples of this misdemeanor include; domestic battery, aggravated assault, drunk driving or driving under influence, criminal trespass to residence, illegal possession of a firearm, and many others.

Class B misdemeanors: This offense is less serious than Class A but more serious than class C misdemeanor offenses. The offense leads to a maximum of 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,500. Cases that lie in the class B misdemeanor spectrum include criminal trespass to land, aggravated speeding over 31 mph over the posted speed limit, drug-related charges such as possession of two and a half to ten grams of cannabis, and telephone harassment.

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Class C misdemeanors: Even if it is the least offensive of all the three misdemeanors ensure that you get a Cicero defense lawyer who will defend you and help you. The punishment for this offense includes up to 30 days in jail and a fine of not more than $1500. Offenses in this class include; simple assaults, public intoxication, disorderly conduct gambling, and possession of less than two and a half grams of marijuana.

It is also important to note, that you don't need to get convicted for the maximum time offered by law. You can get a shorter sentence or even probation for these offenses. If you have an experienced defense lawyer it becomes easier to get better results. You can pay lower fines, get a shorter jail term, get your case dismissed, or even get a warning. 

More importantly is that for misdemeanor offenses, you may receive probation up to two years and formal supervision for class A.

Felonies in Illinois

Felonies on the other hand are serious offenses that can lead to many years in prison.

Below are the classes of felonies.

First-degree murder

This is a class of felony on its own in Illinois, if convicted of first-degree murder, you risk prison time not less than 20 years with a maximum of 60 years for this major felony. This can also be extended up to 100 years in prison. for this major felony offense there'll be a sentence of either life imprisonment or death penalty certain aggravating factors should be present, example could be the murder of a defendant during a kidnapping in the first degree, killing of any police officer, sheriff, deputy, state trooper, prison or jail guard, federal law enforcement officer while such an officer is on duty, even if the defendant didn’t know.

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Class X felonies

This generally involves at least a prison sentence of six years and no more than 30 years. They also include a compulsory three years supervision once released. Judges are restricted to periodic imprisonment, probation, or conditional release in this class. 

Class 1 felonies

Prison sentences for class 1 felonies are between 4 years to 15 years with an extended term of between 15 to 30 years, plus two years of mandatory supervision, a judge is allowed to impose a sentence of probation or conditional discharge for up to four years. 

Class 2 felonies

The prison sentence for these felonies in Illinois is generally between three and seven years or an extended term of between seven. Plus up to two years of mandatory supervised release. The judge may impose a sentence of periodic imprisonment between 18 to 30 months.

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Class 3 felonies

If convicted can lead to two to five year’s jail imprisonment or an extended five to ten years. They also include compulsory one-year supervision after release. There is also an option of periodic imprisonment of a maximum of 18 months or probation up to 30 months. Offenses in this category include aggravated battery in certain places, such as in public property or in places of worship or against a certain victim such as an elderly person, pregnant woman, or teachers, it also includes theft worth property between $500 and $10,000 and possession of fewer than 5 grams of meth.

Class 4 felonies

They are considered the lowest class of felonies, punishable by one to three years in prison plus one year supervised release. It can also be extended from between three years to six years. There is also periodic imprisonment for a term up to 18 months and probation up to 30 months.

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You can call us for a consultation by phone or opt for a video consultation. Also, you can come to our law office for criminal defense consultation. We have vast legal experience and we can help lower your chances of conviction.

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The first thing is to avoid talking too much. Don’t allow the police to get information out of you. What you say will be used against you in court. You have to be careful with the words you choose to use. 

Make a call to a defense lawyer. The lawyer will immediately visit you while in custody. Due to their vast knowledge, a qualified lawyer will work out a plan for your defense and get information that will be presented as evidence in court.

Despite the ever changing laws, an experienced defense lawyer will know how to interpret the law in court so they can get a better outcome. At Ktenas Law, our criminal defense attorneys have a criminal defense background and they can represent you. Whether you are facing a DUI charge in Cicero or are being accused of another criminal offense we are a call away and we can help. Make us your go-to law office. Call us and book an initial consultation!