Cook County Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are arrested for a criminal charge in Cook County, Illinois, your next phone call should be to an aggressive Chicago criminal defense attorney. Our firm is home to seasoned Cook County criminal defense attorneys that have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of Illinois criminal law. Criminal offenses can range from petty offenses, ordinance violations, and misdemeanors to felony charges. If you are arrested in the Chicago area, including Lake County, Cook County, Kendall County, Kane County, and DuPage County, you will want to find a qualified criminal attorney to work on your case before your first court appearance.

At Ktenas Law, our Chicago criminal defense law firm provides aggressive legal representation to clients in need of knowledgeable criminal lawyers. Our criminal attorneys handle a wide range of criminal cases throughout the greater Chicago area, including sex crime charges, theft charges, felony offenses, drug offenses, besides drunk driving charges, white-collar crimes, and other traffic-related offenses.

Cook County Criminal Defense Lawyer Alex Ktenas

Our Cook County criminal defense lawyers are prepared to come with a superior defense strategy and guidance you through all phases of your criminal case including arrest, preliminary hearing, bond hearing, pre-trial motions, document review, witness preparation, dismissal of charges, trial preparation, and probation compliance, post-trial motions, probation violations, and expungement of charges or sealing. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation, contact our criminal defense law firm today at (312) 756-8652.

Experienced Cook County Criminal Law Attorneys

For decades, our knowledgeable Cook County criminal defense attorneys have been providing cost-effective and effective defense to clients facing a wide range of criminal charges throughout Illinois. During the years, we have built a solid reputation as criminal attorneys who know how to win even the toughest cases, with many courtroom wins and other favorable outcomes. 

Cook County Criminal Defense Attorneys

A single criminal conviction can have severe consequences, including jail time, heavy fines, and probation. Our experienced attorneys in Rolling Meadows have the expertise and resources to help you avoid a conviction, or to find alternative legal options that limit the damage to your future. We handle the following criminal cases:

  • Drunk driving, including felony DUI charges, a DUI causing personal injury or death, and subsequent DUI offenses.
  • Drug crimes, including possession of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or drug distribution and drug dealing.
  • Domestic abuse charges, including violating an Order of Protection and domestic battery.
  • Theft crimes, including robbery, burglary, or shoplifting.
  • Traffic violations, such as commercial driver license violations, suspended or revoked driver licenses.
  • Violent crimes, such as assault, homicide, sexual offenses, weapons offenses, and battery.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

Private and court-appointed criminal defense attorneys research the details of a criminal case, investigate the criminal charges against you, and negotiate deals with the prosecution office. These deals may include dismissal of charges, reduced charges, reduced bail, and reduced sentences. Because of a variety of factors— overcrowded jails, political and public pressure, overloaded court calendars—deal-making has a crucial element in unclogging the criminal system.

Also, criminal defense attorneys help formulate plea deals, examine witnesses, question witnesses, assess the potential sentences, analyze the prosecutor's case, review search, and seizure procedures, and gather evidence. An aggressive Chicago criminal defense lawyer can also advise you on potential immigration repercussions or other consequences of a guilty plea, criminal conviction, or public criminal record.

Criminal defense lawyers also provide personalized criminal defense services by giving you a reality check as to the potential outcomes and by helping defendants deal with their fears and frustrations.

Why Should Hire a Cook County Criminal Defense Attorney?

One of the most important reasons to hire experienced Chicago criminal & DUI defense lawyers is that they know how the legal system works. The legal system is confusing, even for legal counsels who work in it every day, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer understands the intricate workings of the court systems and can guide you through the legal process based on the specifics of your case. In fact, the Cook County criminal attorneys at Ktenas Law can demystify the legal process by providing a no-cost step-by-step guide of the court proceedings in Cook County for any criminal case during your first in-person legal consultation.

It’s unreasonable to think a more expensive criminal lawyer will save you money, but history shows that spending the additional money to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney is worthwhile. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you receive the best outcome for your case, which can help you keep your career or avoid losing your professional license. Missing work because of a jail sentence or extended court trial in Cook County can cause a financial strain that might be avoided by hiring a skilled criminal attorney.

Cook County Criminal Defense lawyers

At Ktenas Law, our criminal defense practice extends across Lake County, Cook County, Kendall County, Kane County, Will County, DuPage County, and throughout Illinois. Our aggressive criminal attorneys will defend your case through pre-trial motions, bond hearings, probation hearings, bench or jury trial, and, if necessary, post-trial motions. If a trial isn't in your best interest, our legal team will strategically negotiate a favorable plea agreement to reduce the disruption a criminal offense can create in your life. Often, effective negotiation skills are just as important as litigation skills.

Our lawyers understand that every criminal case is unique; thus, we provide a personalized approach to legal representation. 

No matter how minor your criminal charges may seem at first, don't face the criminal justice system alone. You need a legal advocate who will protect your legal rights at every stage of the criminal process. A skilled lawyer can also make sure that you understand the full implications of the criminal charges and potential conviction.

If you have been charged with a criminal charge, now is the time to take legal action. Contact our Cook County law office today at (312) 756-8652 to discuss your case. Our legal team has extensive knowledge of Illinois criminal law and we'll evaluate your situation, and help you decide how to move forward with your defense strategy.