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It can be a challenging and difficult time for you when you have to face criminal charges. If you or a family member is facing charges it is common to have an emotional time. Getting convicted for criminal charges can result in you serving a jail sentence or you will have to deal with other severe sentences. As a person who has been accused of a crime, you are constitutionally entitled to competent legal representation.

Our Tinley Park DUI lawyers are here for you when you, your friend, or family member are being charged with a DUI crime. We understand the laws pertaining to the system of the local criminal court. Our Lawyers at Ktenas law have decades of experience representing DUI cases. We use our collective experience to evaluate prospective clients' cases and come up with the best strategies to use in your case. We would love to put to use our extensive experience in your case, evaluate it, and talk to you about the best possible defense of clients' strategies and the possible outcomes in regards to your case.

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Give our excellent firm a call at (312) 756-8600 and schedule your free initial consultation with a Tinley Park criminal defense lawyer. Let us tell you about our range of expertise as DUI & Criminal Attorneys and how we can offer personalized representation.

When do You Need to Call a Lawyer?

As soon as a lawful arrest for a DUI crime occurs you should call a lawyer. If you are unable to call a lawyer yourself you should have a family member or friend call the criminal defense attorney for you.

When you are facing DUI charges it helps to act swiftly. Drunk driving charges are taken seriously and could result in you getting jail time, license suspension or revocation, or other severe consequences. In order for you to find relief in your case you should hire the services of an experienced DUI attorney.

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If you suspect that the field sobriety test or the chemical test that you took at the police station or after a police officer pulled you over to the side is inconclusive you should get a DUI lawyer to help you prove that. Trying to prove that by yourself can be difficult. An experienced DUI lawyer knows the laws and is familiar with the tactics that they can use to help you prove your innocence. A DUI charge can result in you losing your livelihood or career. It would be troubling and unfair for you to lose your job as a result of a malfunctioned breathalyzer or medication that you were taking.

Even if you think you are guilty we would still love to evaluate your case and offer representation during litigation to get you the best possible outcome.

Talk to a DUI lawyer from Ktenas Law, explain all of the details of your case, and allow them to give you representation for litigation in court. Our team of experts is competent and well able to handle your case. We have been in and out of courtrooms offering comprehensive representation to our clients and while we cannot guarantee a certain outcome, we will provide an aggressive defense and fight to get you a favorable outcome.

DUI Charges in Chicago, Illinois

Every state enforces and creates its own DUI laws as well as programs.  Illinois is known as one of the states with the strictest DUI laws in the country. A first-time DUI offender can lose their driving privileges in Illinois depending on the circumstances of the case. Other ranges of charges such as a minor drunken driving accident or a motor vehicle accident that resulted in causing injury or the death of another individual will attract additional penalties even if it is a first-time conviction. As a third-time repeat offender, you will be facing a felony charge. As a fourth-time offender, you risk the permanent loss of driving privileges.

Our Law firm is a judgment-free zone. We know that people make mistakes and we believe that they do not have to deal with life-altering consequences as a result of one mistake. Our criminal law practice is dedicated to our clients. We take you seriously and when you come to us we will give your case our absolute attention and the seriousness that it deserves.

You could be facing your first DUI charge or you are a repeat offender as lawyers we want to represent your rights and protect you from the severe consequences of a DUI charge. Get the best DUI attorney that has a highly respected criminal defense practice on your case and let us help you get an efficient and cost-effective favorable outcome.

The Cost of a DUI Lawyer

There are times that it will not be your fault that you are being accused of a DUI charge and there are times that individuals facing the criminal charge were responsible for why they are facing the charge. No matter the circumstances of you are facing a DUI criminal charge you will need an experienced criminal attorney. Criminal attorneys can be expensive, despite that it is important that you find a lawyer that you can afford to represent you.

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DUI lawyers charge around $3,000 on average, but depending on the details of your case it can vary. You can pay costly attorney fees if you are facing other additional charges in your case. The payment plan as well will differ depending on the lawyer or law firm you are working with. You can be an hourly rate, flat fee, or another payment plan that you will agree on with your lawyer.

The most important thing is to consider when seeking a highly respected criminal defense practice is the legal practice services that the lawyer is offering and what they can do for you.

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When it comes to defending your career or future you should get an attorney that is serious about you. Prepare a set of questions to ask a potential experienced attorney during a legal consultation and find out legal experience what they can do for you.

A DUI charge conviction can result in a major life change and severe penalties that you would rather avoid. Hire a qualified attorney to represent your interest so you can secure your future.

Talk to our Tinley park criminal defense attorneys we want to help you through your legal issues. Our Tinley park criminal defense attorneys' mission is to aggressively defend our clients and fight for them In and out of the courtroom to make sure that they get a positive outcome.