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Ethan M.
15:07 27 Sep 21
I had a scary dui experience that had dragged on due to some partial representation and misunderstanding with misinformation on my part. Court dates missed. License revoked. Warrants issued. A very bad situation had become much worse. I’m not sure exactly how I found Ktenas Law but they saved the day for me. Within 48 hours of 1st contact they got warrant and conviction cleared and had me before the judge. I was able to have my license back within the week. Two Zoom hearings later and it’s done. Ktenas held my hand and led the way through the entire process. Most importantly, Alex Ktenas answered every question I had. I texted him questions whenever they came to me. Alex always responded promptly with an answer. Very thankful that I happened upon these wonderful, take-care-of-business professionals! I highly recommend them!
Gilbert S.
17:25 26 Sep 21
Hayley J.
17:06 24 Sep 21
Alex was absolutely amazing. The attention to detail, how comfortable he made me feel through the process and just how empathetic he is to others struggling. Alex was immediately responsive to my calls and texts, always answered any question i had and never made me feel out of place or like a bother. I loved working with Alex , I would HIGHLY suggest his partnership to anyone in a second! Need help, ask Alex :)
Stephen O.
14:10 17 Sep 21
D.P. Da P.
22:47 03 Sep 21
Mr. Ktenas did an excellent job as my defense attorney for 2 of my cases. A DUI and UUW. He was responsive whenever I needed him to be, made sure I understood everything and fought hard for our victories. Went over and beyond to insure I did not end up incarcerated. He treats his clients with respect and genuineness every step of the way. If your looking for a true fighter for your case, someone who’s gonna represent you with your best interest in heart at all times, I recommend the services of Mr. Ktenas.
Nicholas B.
20:06 12 Aug 21
Unfortunately I was accused of driving under the influence along with two other traffic related tickets and having no clue what to do I reached out to an old friend of mine for advice and direction. Little did I know Alex Ktenas (Ktenas law) was the best decision I ever made. Less then a month later he won me back my drivers license which could have been taken away for a year and was about to be. Three months later I was found not guilty and had all chargers thrown out on all three accounts. He will walk you through the whole process until you truly understand what is happening. He will ask you what outcome you want and will tell you straight if it is a good idea. Even though it may not be Alex will do his best to fulfill every hope you have. Knowing Alex and his family for a long time I personally know alex is one of the nicest people you will ever encounter. But even as a stranger you will know you made the right choice within the first minute. If you are in any kind of traffic related trouble or any trouble at all, do the smart thing and call Alex Ktenas. Or reach out to Ktenas law. Chris, Nick, and Alex are the best of the best. If you don’t believe it then call them and find out for yourself. Again, thank you so much Alex for everything. I literally owe everything to you.
Robert G.
02:55 15 Jul 21
Nick is a fantastic lawyer. He helped my wife and I complete the sale of our first home. Smooth process and he guided us through the entire process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Joanna G.
16:55 14 Jul 21
Alex represented me recently on a speeding ticket. He was very professional, easy to get ahold of and very thorough. I highly recommend Alex of Ktenas Law!
Richard L
14:13 06 Jul 21
I'm an avid ticket collector, and as a result my license ended up getting suspended. I am eternally grateful to Alex, who was able to get my license unsuspended, a prior conviction from a year ago put on supervision, and a recent set of 3 tickets completely dismissed (no insurance card, driving on a suspended (unknowingly,) and speeding.) The amount of relief this has granted me is insane, because I need a vehicle for work and school. In addition to that, Alex is extremely attentive and responds to any and all questions you have almost immediately. Even more conveniently, it's by text message. Thank you Alex, and everyone who works at his offices!
Omar M.
13:11 30 Jun 21
Very attentive and professional. Highly recommended. These guys know exactly what they’re doing! 👍🏼
Mark L.
19:56 24 Jun 21
I hired Alex to help me with an aggressive speeding ticket I received. When I first reached out to him, he walked me through what the process was and what was going to happen. Every time I had a question he was there to respond to me quickly, and on my court day he was able to get my charge reduced and court fees waived. Would highly recommend Alec at Ktenas law.
Eric H.
13:31 17 Jun 21
Incredible professional, open and honest, always felt as though they had my best interest in mind!
00:09 16 Jun 21
Alex represented me on a traffic ticket and was amazing. He’s very professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and a really nice guy. You’re not going to find a better attorney than him. I highly recommend!
Tyler H.
10:38 14 Jun 21
The Best..beat my case taking it to trial. In my situation the system would have wrecked my future..Alex is responsive, personable, wise, and knows what hes doing..being a ex prosecutor you will find out he knows exactly what the other side is thinking. Alex was a Godsend in my situation. If you want the best lawyer for defense, go with Alex. I dont have words to discribe how good of a lawyer he is..other lawyers are amatures compared to Alex in my opinion.
rich U.
00:04 01 Jun 21
Robert H.
01:05 29 May 21
After receiving my DUI/possession charge I was scared and had a lot at risk like my freedom, job family but from the first phone call I had with Alex, I knew I was at the right place. He handled my case through the pandemic and was still able to walk me through the entire process. When it was over, I ended up with the best case scenario and had less charges then I even thought possible. I highly recommend Ktenas Law to anyone in need of legal services.
Jessica J.
00:12 29 May 21
Absolutely great Lawyers! Always on time, on point! Very very helpful with any an all questions you may have! Very patient and polite! Great service! I would definitely recommend to anyone!
Casi K.
16:07 21 May 21
Alex was awesome! I was really worried about the charges I was facing but Alex plead them down to almost nothing! Other lawyers tried taking advantage of me and overcharging but Alex was very reasonable. Hopefully I don't have any more legal trouble. But if I do...I know who to call.
Jaime Y.
12:45 15 Apr 21
These attorneys are go getter highly reccommed from start to finish thier always in communnication an doin every they came I looked around others were like carsalesman wanted ur business an poor quality
J B.
17:05 08 Apr 21
I had Alex as a traffic lawyer, he was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to any of my friends, if they are ever in need.
Karley N.
20:06 26 Mar 21
Alex is such a great lawyer. He was always quick to respond, eager to answer any questions, & made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. He is fairly priced & incredibly understanding. I highly recommend Ktenas Law!
Tom B.
13:20 23 Mar 21
Nick helped me with getting my first home! Made the process super easy to understand and was very helpful and knowledgeable towards any and all of the questions i had. Closing was very smooth and he helped make the process a breeze. Very thankful for his help!
Girard W.
14:00 22 Mar 21
Alex represented me on my case and he was absolutely phenomenal! He was very professional, respectful and sympathetic to my situation. I have never experienced such great loyalty and honesty from a lawyer! Myself personally have recommended him to a few of my friends and will continue to bring Alex business if need be! He is currently still handling other legal matters for me now. Alex is trustworthy and reasonable, I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!
23:38 12 Mar 21
I am a veteran and my guns were seized for safe keeping because I did not have my foid. When I finally got my gun card the police refused to give me back my firearms. I called this lawyer and he literally resolved the issue within minutes. Best lawyer work I’ve ever seen.
Duece D.
19:00 12 Mar 21
tiffany b
16:26 08 Mar 21
Alex was extremely helpful with a legal matter. He was prompt and insightful and helped me out tremendously. I was so satisfied with my experience with Mr. Ktenas that I enlisted the help of his colleague Nick with the close on my new home. I was not surprised that he was also professional and efficient with that process. Everything was smooth and I couldn't be happier with my experiences! Highly recommmend!!
Victor S.
20:06 27 Feb 21
andre C.
13:43 12 Feb 21
Alex is a true professional who will get down in the mud with his client and fight for Justice for All!
Marco P.
14:46 09 Feb 21
Ktenas Law worked extremely quick in rectifying an issue with our insurance company. Alex communicated with us regularly and reviewed our entire contract in order to successfully settle the issue on our claim. Highly recommended, professional and experienced.
Candice P.
03:43 04 Feb 21
I contacted Ktenas Law because my brother was in a jam. Ktenas Law was very professional, very knowledgeable and timely. I was able to get all my questions answered and I was kept inform every step of the way. My brother was already in police custody therefore I had to handle everything for him and with Ktenas Law I knew everything would be Okay. My brother is now home with results me and my whole family can live with.Thank you very much for all your help.
Timothy B.
00:35 20 Jan 21
I am a CDL driver. Got my driving commercial vehicle while using electronic device ticket threw out for a cheap price. Highly recommend.
maegen T.
21:16 13 Jan 21
Alex was fantastic, very responsive, very professional, down to earth as well. Gave us all the details we needed to understand the case and what to do next. Absolutely would recommend.
Sherrod C.
18:27 11 Jan 21
Very professional and helpful....his communication skills and knowledge of one's needs definitely puts this law firm at the top....I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to Ktenas Law.
Hailey H.
02:28 07 Nov 20
I came to see Alexander Ktenas about some legal advice a few weeks ago involving a car accident. He was very professional and had answered all of my crazy questions quickly. The issue was resolved fast and I’m going to be recommending him to all family and friends who may need help.
Ariel A.
22:28 19 Oct 20
Alex immediately handled my case with much professionalism. I called him on a Sunday morning by Monday I was meeting him and started my case. Always made himself available for any question or concern I made of had. I would refer him to anyone that needs a defense attorney. He shows he genuinely wants to help you get the best result for your case.Thanks again Alex for all you have done for my case
HotTopic N.
18:01 21 Sep 20
Paul Z.
17:50 03 Sep 20
Excellent lawyer! Knowledgeable and very experienced. In my case, he worked diligently to have the best possible outcome. Highly recommended!
Darryl S.
19:35 02 Sep 20
Great attorney, very professional and punctual, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tyler C.
15:27 27 Aug 20
He was very helpful and knew every law and everything, he is very reasonable with pricing and he will make sure you get what you deserve, him and his partners are awesome and I’m glad I chose him for the issues I was going threw, if you need a lawyer and advice about laws he’s the one to go to and he is very reasonable and understanding about prices. Thank you for all your help. Definitely would recommend him for anyone that has legal issues.
Darren W.
23:21 25 Jul 20
He took care of business and saved my license and driving privileges.
Steve G.
23:36 08 Jul 20
I used Ktenas Law recently for the first time and was very impressed with their level of service. The staff was extremely helpful, you can tell they truly care about their clients and are very good at what they do. They were willing to go above and beyond to make me happy
Aln F.
04:00 24 Jun 20
Helped me in a quick and efficient manner.
Matthew M.
00:55 21 Apr 20
Alex is great! He helps in a bind and gets you out of trouble! I would recommend him to everyone I know.
Ammar N.
23:08 10 Apr 20
ABSOLUTE BEST LAW FIRM IN THE STATE. Gave me the best advice for no charge. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for trustworthy and knowledgable lawyers. Thanks guys!!!
Andrenette L.
19:47 25 Feb 20
mike P.
11:37 24 Feb 20
Alex is awesome. Great Attorney! Great guy kept everything quick. He made me feel calm about the whole situation. Highly recommend!
Ebony H.
05:45 24 Feb 20
Helped me out of a very scary situation. Highly recommend!!
Kentone T.
17:42 18 Feb 20
Alvin C.
03:25 12 Feb 20
Alex Ketanas is one of the most professional laeyers I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. He is very knowledgeable and zealous. My family member used him for a legal case they were going through, and he provided provided unbelievable service and support from the very beginning. She felt reassured the minute after his initial consultation. About one month later, the outcome of the csse turned out exactly the way Alex predicted! When interacting with Alex, you feel not as if you are a file number or a case number, but a member of the family! I would highly recommend Alex and his firm to anyone seeking professional, caring, and effective legal help.
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