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If you or your loved one has been arrested because of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs--contact Ktenas Law and speak to a Naperville DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Drunk driving and other traffic charges are serious charges, which can cause you to lose your driver’s license, pay large fines, or even serve jail time. Thus, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who will defend you vigorously and work to reduce your charges to a minimum. 

At Ktenas Law, we’ve had active criminal defense and DUI defense practice for decades. Our dedicated and skilled DUI lawyers know how the system works and how to defend clients charged with DUI. We serve clients throughout Chicago--contact us today at (312) 756-8652 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Can a Lawyer Really Help with DUI?

After being arrested for drunk driving, there are many benefits of hiring a skilled DUI lawyer, regardless of whether you’re innocent or guilty. Many things can go wrong in these types of cases, even if it’s your first DUI offense. 

The District Attorney only needs to prove you were drinking, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was above the limit, and that you were impaired to the point where you couldn’t operate your car safely. If convicted, you’ll face severe fines, possible jail time, and a criminal record. A criminal record can affect your future livelihood, especially if you can’t secure employment. Also, you could lose your driving privileges. Thus, it’s essential to consult with an experienced DUI defense lawyer. 

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The police arrested you because you were supposedly intoxicated and driving recklessly, or incapable of “walking the line.” This is all the prosecutor needs to start a case against you. A skilled DUI criminal defense attorney knows the tests used to measure BAC levels, breath tests, field sobriety tests, and blood tests aren’t always 100% accurate. Actually, the result might not be reliable at all, especially if the equipment used isn’t working properly, or if the test was administered correctly. If a police officer searched your property without a warrant, the case might be thrown out of court. DUI criminal defense attorneys know how to investigate and weed out those little inaccuracies that might work in their client’s favor.

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Illinois. Apart from the penalties mentioned earlier, you might be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car; your car insurance premiums may increase because the insurance company feels you’re a great risk. If it’s your second or third DUI offense, the consequences you face will be harsher than with a first offense.

A knowledgeable DUI lawyer can answer all your questions, offer legal guidance, and go to court if necessary to defend you. Your attorney’s primary focus will be to have your charges reduced or dismissed so that you can have fewer negative effects on your life. Without a competent, fierce DUI attorney on your side, you’re likely to get off with severe punishment.

How Long Does DUI Stay on Record in Illinois?

Illinois treats DUIs seriously and a zero-tolerance policy for DUI convictions. This means that if you’re convicted of a DUI offense, that conviction will stay on your record forever. This means you can’t expunge it, or remove the conviction from your record, so a DUI record will stay on record for life if you accept the charges. 

How Bad is a First DUI Offense?

If you’re convicted of a first-time DUI offense, you have to drive with an ignition interlock device or your driver’s license could be suspended. Typically, this lasts for six months to one year. On average, the fines for a first DUI offense are $1,500 to $2,000. Also, you might face jail time for 10 to 30 days, and you might need to complete drugs & alcohol classes.

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Often, people charged with a DUI for the first time assume they’ll receive supervision. However, it’s common for prosecutors to offer probation instead of court supervision. With court supervision, you’re not convicted of the DUI offense, and your driver’s license isn’t revoked. While with probation, there will be a conviction on your record for DUI, and your driver’s license gets automatically revoked or canceled. Also, the judge may order you to spend some time in the county jail for your probation or court supervision. This is true, even though you’re only being charged with a misdemeanor. 

Can a DUI be Reduced?

Most DUI charges are resolved through plea bargaining. This means the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest to a criminal charge in exchange for leniency from the prosecutor. A DUI plea bargain may involve you pleading guilty to a DUI charge in exchange for the prosecutor agreeing to fines and jail time that are below the allowable maximums. Also, the plea bargain may involve the prosecutor dismissing your charges and you pleading to a less charge. When such a deal is for a reckless driving charge, it’s referred to as a wet reckless. 

Typically, prosecutors are likely to offer a wet reckless only to DUI cases with substantial mitigating factors or weakness in evidence. Mitigating factors include a person having no criminal record, it’s their first DUI, and a low BAC level.

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The skilled DUI lawyers at Ktenas Law are dedicated to the defense of DUI cases from first offenses to felony drunk driving. A DUI can be stressful and devastating to your career progression. Thus, you need an experienced DUI criminal defense lawyer to give you legal guidance and options on how to beat your DUI. This is exactly what you’ll get at Ktenas Law. We have handled hundreds of DUI cases in Chicago and throughout Illinois, and working with us will give you the benefit of experienced DUI attorneys.

If you’ve been arrested in Chicago, you may fight DUI charges and suspension of your driver’s license. With an experienced, dedicated Naperville DUI lawyer on your side, you can mitigate the effects of a DUI charge. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call our Naperville law office at (312) 756-8652, or chat with us online to learn how we can help.