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White-collar crimes are offenses that involve nonviolent crimes. They mainly involve financial transactions and are primarily committed by people with a fiduciary duty toward the victim. Perpetrators who committed white-collar crimes usually wore shirts and white collars. Hence, the name white-collar crimes originated from there. State and federal courts prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively. When individuals facing allegations of fraud are found guilty they can get lengthy prison sentences.

People who commit white-collar crimes mainly have no experience being on the wrong side of the road. One of the most important first steps you can take is getting a Chicago white-collar crime lawyer to help represent you. For these reasons, most individuals are not quick to seek help. However, suppose you are being accused or investigated for a white-collar felony.

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The consequences of a white-collar crime are severe and can be detrimental to you long-term. The charges come about after a long and thorough investigation from the government. Depending on the intensity of the white-collar criminal charges you are facing, it will dictate the fines and penalties imposed on you.

When you are facing white-collar crime charges, you should contact white-collar crime attorneys. Contacting a white-collar crime defense lawyer in the early stages of your case will give you better chances of a favorable outcome.

We are Passionate about Developing Your Defense through Analysis of Facts

The white-collar criminal defense law team representing you must know about the nuances of the federal and state court system. This way, they will understand the focus and resources that will be used against the defendant.

White-collar cases are extensive, complex, and they take time. During government investigations, white collar crimes can point to one person. After fact-gathering, the investigation can lead to a whole different direction. During a white a collar case, there are usually grand jury inquiries. Even as this is the case, you should avoid participating in interviews or providing testimonies without consulting an attorney.

A white-collar crime happens when an individual uses deception or secrecy to gain services, assets, finances, or other benefits. Many offenses are treated as white-collar cases. Here are some of them.

  • Bribery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Embezzlement
  • ATM fraud
  • Forgery
  • Tax fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Credit card fraud

At Ktenas law firm, we can offer you a strong defense against fraud and help you build a strong case. We will go through the evidence presented against you that includes all financial documents and other documents detrimental to your lawsuit. We work closely with other professionals to help analyze the evidence brought against you. This way, we know the best approach to take on your case.

Get Effective State and Federal White Collar Crimes Defense

When your name and the name of your business are on the line, a white-collar crime becomes a reality. Every white-collar case is unique. Your Chicago criminal defense law firm will need to have all of the facts of the case with them before they can help you come up with an effective white-collar defense.

There are defense strategies that are more common compared to others. Here are some of the most common and aggressive defense strategies that you have probably heard of.

Lack of Intent

A criminal defense attorney will try to prove that their client’s actions were not in bad faith. If, for example, the individual in question has made a big mistake while filing their taxes but it is evident that the error was not intentional, then the defense lawyer will use a lack of intent as an effective defense strategy. The defense will help them defend their client being accused of tax fraud.

Chicago white collar crime lawyer

Non-fraudulent Schemes

There are instances where the defendant may be accused of giving information considered to be fraudulent to an accusing party. The defense strategy will be to prove that the accused party acted unreasonably and exaggerated a statement or opinion stated by the accused. Suppose the experienced defense attorney can prove that the defendant made a non-fraudulent statement which the accuser mistook for fraud when it didn’t benefit them. In that case, the defendant will get the best possible outcome.


In the instance of incapacitation, the defense has to prove that the defendant acted in the manner they did because of mental or physical incapacity. The criminal defense lawyer’s role will be to demonstrate the defense of incapacity to the court.

Plea Agreement

There are instances whereby the evidence brought against the defendant is too overwhelming. In this case, the defense tries to negotiate the plea agreement. The accused agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge, and they avoid a trial. When the defense can show that the accused has completely cooperated with the authorities, the accused will then receive a lighter sentence.

Have You Been Accused of a White Collar Crime?

If you are being accused of a white-collar crime, contact a white-collar criminal defense attorney. A white-collar defense attorney is specialized in handling cases that are non-violent but still involve criminal acts such as fraud. We are the best in white-collar defense & investigations practice and you can trust us.

Get an experienced attorney that will be able to raise a strong defense case on your behalf. Our experienced lawyers are dedicated to solving complex white-collar cases. They are skilled in deciphering the evidence brought against you in a white-collar case. Most of the evidence presented in a white-collar case is a form of email, business document, or computer file. Any other written or electronic communication will as well be seen as evidence.

Your lawyer should be able to go through this form of evidence that is not common in other criminal cases and understand the information in the documents.

No matter how good the prosecution is, they may have loopholes, weaknesses, and a lack of accuracy in what they present. Our white-collar criminal defense attorneys work to find that loophole and use the knowledge that we have to build a case that is supposed to ensure you have a great outcome.

Our Chicago White-Collar Crime Lawyers Win Cases That Most Lawyers Wouldn’t Take on

Most people come to our law offices because they trust us to offer dedicated criminal defense representation. We have been able to get not-guilty and dismissal verdicts for a number of our clients.

Schedule a discreet initial consultation with us. We respect your privacy, and everything you tell us is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Get in touch with a white-collar defense counsel at Ktenas law and book a convenient time for you so we can hear your case and come up with specialized defense strategies. We really want to want help you out. Give us a call!